Edward Yu

Professor - Physics & Astronomy

We currently focus on studying bacterial antibiotic resistance mediated by active multi-drug efflux transporters. Our long-term goal is to elucidate the structures and fundamental mechanisms that give rise to multiple drug recognition and extrusion in these multi-drug transporters. In addition, our laboratory addresses fundamental questions regarding the nature of multi-drug recognition and gene regulation in transcriptional regulators. These regulators control the expression of multi-drug efflux transporters in bacteria by sensing the presence of a variety of structurally unrelated toxic compounds in the environment. Our experimental approach mainly utilizes x-ray crystallography to elucidate toxic chemical binding and export by these membrane efflux transporters.

Research interests
Structural and mechanistic aspects of membrane transport; X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins; Biophysics
B.S., Chemistry, Southern Illinois University, 1989
M.S., Physical Chemistry, Southern Illinois University, 1991
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Univ. of Michigan, 1997
Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley, 1998-2004