BBMB Graduate Learning Community (GLC)

The Graduate College approved a BBMB graduate learning community (GLC) in Fall 2013.  The focus of the BBMB GLC is to explore professional development and careers for graduate students studying in the area of biochemistry or biophysics. The BBMB GLC is supported by funding from the Roy J. Carver Trust award to the Department.

Purpose and Goals

The perception of most graduate students in BBMB is that they have two career options, academia or industry, and that jobs in these areas are highly competitive.  The challenge for a graduate student is to figure out which career path to prepare for or to discover other career options that may be of interest where their advanced degree is useful.

The BBMB GLC, led by peer mentors and overseen by a faculty adviser, meets during the academic year to explore professional development and career planning.  Results of the students' Individual Development Plan  are used to guide meeting topics and plan other events throughout the year that enhance the GLC members professional development and career planning. The BBMB GLC members also parter with other GLC's at ISU.

Upcoming GLC Meetings

Fall 2017

September 6, 2017 (new date) As new graduate students in BBMB for 2017, we want to introduce you to the Individual Development Plan (IDP). The MyIDP is a requirement for all graduate students in biochemistry and biophysics, and we encourage all other students in BBMB to complete this career assessment tool as part of their academic program. Refreshments served. 3:00 pm, 1102 MBB

September 13, 2017 MyIDP follow up meeting. 3:00 pm, 1102 MBB

Past Meetings Archive


BBMB Faculty Mentor

Professor Reuben Peters, 4216 MBB, Phone: 515-294-8580

Peer Mentors: BBMB Ph.D. Graduate Students

  • Ryan Andrews
  • Reid Brown
  • Phong Phan
  • Shravanti Suresh