BBMB Graduate Learning Community (GLC)

The Graduate College approved a BBMB graduate learning community (GLC) in August 2013.  The focus of the BBMB GLC is to explore professional development and careers for graduate students studying for their advanced degrees in the area of biochemistry or biophysics. The BBMB GLC is supported by funding from the ISU Graduate College and CELT and by the Roy J. Carver Trust award to BBMB.

Original BBMB GLC Proposal approved by the Graduate College.

Purpose and Goals

The perception of most graduate students in BBMB is that they have two career options, academia or industry and that jobs in these areas are highly competitive.  The challenge for a graduate student is to figure out which career path to prepare for or to discover other career options that may be of interest to them where their advanced degree is useful.

The BBMB GLC, led by BBMB Professor Reuben Peters and biochemistry Ph.D. graduate student peer mentors, meets during the academic year to explore professional development and career planning.  Information about the Individual Development Plan (IDP) can be found on the BBMB GLC IDP web page.  In addition, the GLC holds one career workshop a year.

Meetings and events throughout the year are scheduled based on the groups IDP result and to enhance members professional development and career planning.

BBMB GLC members also partner with:

  • Professor Peters as the GLC faculty mentor.  Members will schedule at least one one-on-one meeting with Professor Peters during the academic year to share their professional development and career exploration progress.  Professor Peters will provide feedback for presentation of a professional development plan to the student’s major professor.
  • Other GLC’s at ISU.  The BBMB GLC will connect with other GLC’s at ISU in the STEM fields to explore how to share information, experiences and resources.

GLC Meetings

New! Opportunity to Present!  The interdepartmental CBE GLC is hosting a seminar in which they are looking for a student from CBE, BBMB, and Chemistry to present on October 22 at 11:00am in Durham 171.  This talk will be 12-14 minutes to allow for all three students to present in the allotted seminar time. RSVP to GLC mentors by October 9.

September 8, 2015: Career Prep Workshop.  Karin Lawton-Dunn, Graduate College Career Program Coordinator

October 13, 2015, at 12noon in MBB 1102.  Our guest speaker is Dr. Tony Vanden Bush, a Field Application Specialist (FAS) from Promega; some of you may have met him when he was visiting our department at a booth in the atrium last spring.

What is a FAS you may ask?  See the link from AAAS Careers section about this position.  Briefly, a FAS can work with customers to trouble shoot, provide training, and set up equipment.  This position can also be used to aid in transitioning from the bench top to the business side of science.

October / November: Startup Company (in planning stage)

Spring 2016 - Career planning and professional development (in planning stage)

  • January / February : Poster workshop
  • March / April: field trip - industry visit
  • March / April: speaker, MBB facilities manager
  • March/ April: Webinar on career planning
  • May: Social event

Past Meetings Archive: